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Gaming Desktop

Processing Power

CLX units featuring the most powerful 7th generation Intel® Core® i5 and i7 desktop processors can take your gaming and processing demands to the next level.

Devour through Terabytes of data or stream your favorite game in perfect quality, the blistering 7th gen processors are ready to take on all tasks.

Processing Power



CLX systems feature the latest Processors from AMD, The AMD Ryzen™. Featuring the all new high-performance and highly efficient “Zen” x86 core.

The AMD Ryzen™ Processors at the heart of a CLX unit will enable Gamers, Developers, and Creators to push the boundaries of experience and immersion.


Don’t let your hardware hold you back! Max your game settings out with Ultra HD 4k, or explore the world of VR gaming in all its glory. Enjoy mega smooth, stutter free, tear free gaming with NVIDIA G-Sync or AMD FreeSync technology.

Customize Ra in your favorite GPU flavor, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX graphics in SLI or Radeon™ RX graphics in CrossFire, add our custom CLX Temper Liquid Cooling solution and keep all that performance cool, under control and looking great.


CLX systems are offered with performance-inspired motherboard options Ranging from Intel’s X299 and Z370 chipsets to AMD’s X370.

Select your preferred combination of Solid State Drives in 2.5” and M.2, Solid State Hybrid Drives, and Mechanical Hard Drives in various RAID array choices.

Windows 10

Gaming and productivity just got even better with Microsoft Windows 10! All CLX systems will arrive with Windows 10 Home or Professional 64-bit Edition operating system installed.

With native support for DirectX12 and other advanced APIs, your computing experience will be boosted to the next level. Now you can play and connect with other gamers across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. From the best classic titles to the newest generation of PC games, Windows 10 is built for the games you love!

& Plug-and-Play
VR Ready

The CLX Set is armed to the teeth, optimized and ready for VR, powered by latest next gen components including unlocked Intel processor, NVIDIA and AMD graphics, massive amount of memory capacity and hard drive storage. Gamers can take advantage of Windows 10 DirectX12 and can tackle next-gen game titles and VR content head on!

Luxury Details

Welcome to the Foundry, CLX’s workshop for crafting the elite, refined details that define the legendary CLX gaming systems . Ra is customizable with the bleeding-edge technology of CLX Foundry options: CLX Temper Liquid Cooling for CPU and GPU (EK)--only on Ra systems.

CLX Quench

Closed Loop Liquid Cooling for CPU

CLX Fluxx

Thermal Paste Compound for CPU and GPU

CLX Forge

High Performance Overclocking for CPU and GPU

All options configurator - You Dream it We build it!

Powered by the latest technologies such as Intel X299, Z370, AMD X370, Liquid cooled and overclocked Intel i7 and AMD Ryzen processors. CLX Set is VR ready featuring the latest and greatest graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD, gamers will rest assured they will be ready to take down any opponent, capture the flag or raid the latest content without missing a beat.

CLX Guarantee

  • Custom Built and Supported in the USA
  • Performance Tested & Benchmarked
  • Bloatware Free
  • Remote Access Support
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • Lifetime Warranty (1 year on parts + Lifetime on Labor)
  • Extended Warranty Options Available