Kendall Howard 1906-1-001-01A 1U Rack Component Shelf

Kendall Howard 1906-1-001-01A 1U Rack Component Shelf
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  • Kendall Howard
  • 1906-1-001-01A
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    The Kendall Howard Rack Mounted line of shelves is another great way to store your non-rack mountable components. This shelf is suitable for monitors, modems, DSL routers, tape players, backup units, and virtually anything you can think of.

    This shelf is constructed from heavy 14-gauge steel and individually formed by hand. Each corner also features radius corners for optimum safety and handling. All shelving units have a front and back flange to ensure your components cannot slide off.

    This 1U unit is so strong you wont believe it! Even many heavy flat screen monitors will mount with ease. This is the perfect shelf for the space conscious customer.


  • Weight Capacity: 70 lbs
  • Width/Depth: 19"/12"
  • Height: 1.75"

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